‘Goodnight Mommy’ Ending, Explained: What Had Happened At The Barn? Does The Mother Survive?

The Amazon Prime Video movie, "Goodnight Mama," coordinated by Matt Sobel, is a revamp of the 2014 Austrian film of a similar name

Featuring Naomi Watts, the change isn't so powerful as the first. Everything is over-made sense of and weakened to the point that it is neither startling nor violent.

With regards to cinematography, I would favor Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz's "Goodnight Mother" any day over the redo.

Truly, the redo feels very superfluous, and the progressions made to the first don't work to improve things.

Twin siblings Elias and Lukas visit their mom in her ranch style home. Their folks have isolated, and the children are visiting their mom after a long while

Their mom doesn't seem to be her typical self; she has gone through plastic medical procedure, and her face is bound. 

Just after their appearance, she acquainted a few guidelines with them: they shouldn't go to the outbuilding, 

leave the blinds open, enter her office or her room, or make clamor. From the beginning, Elias felt that their mom was acting in an unexpected way

She was not somebody who made rules. They conceded that perhaps it was the medical procedure that left her harsh, however when she wouldn't sing them a goodnight melody,