What is SGX Nifty?

SGX Nifty is a Derivative of the Nifty index

SGX Nifty is Traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange Platfrom

The main difference in between SGX Nifty and indian Nifty is that SGX Nifty is traded on the future Platform in singapore

Indian Nifty is traded on Indian Stock exchange (NSE)

The Indian Stock Market opens at 09:15AM and Closed at 03:30PM, Providing six and half hours of Trading window

SGX Nifty operates from 06:30Am(IST) to 11:30PM(IST), Trading for 16 hours in a day in Singapore Stock Exchange 

SGX nifty opens two and half hours before the Indian market

Due to the time Difference in between  SGX Nifty and Indian Nifty, it allows investors to keep an eye on the SGX nifty to know the fluctuations in the market and observe how the overall trading process is going

by observing the SGX nifty, Investors gets an idea about the indian market whether it will open positive or negative 

The 16 hrs windows allows investors to take a view on the Indian market based on overnight development in wall street enchancing their strategy